Sony's Digital Paper

Sony Digital Paper

Sony’s latest Digital Paper product is a new “notebook-sized” 10-inch model. The new model (DPT-CP1) has a glare-free display similar to their current 13-inch letter-sized digital paper, offering reading, annotating and note-taking capabilities.

Sony's Digital Paper

There are some new bells and whistles to go along with the more compact size. Download the Sony Digital Paper Mobile App to transfer of documents, forms and notes. You can also Paper Jump by entering a page number and going directly to that specific page. Plus, there’s a pan and zoom option, automatic page rotation and view up to 16 pages at once via the Page Thumbnail Mode.

Sony's Digital Paper

Some specs of interest…
• Digital Paper is 0.23 inches thick, weighing only 8.5 ounces for the 10-inch.

• Realistic writing feel – Digital Paper gives users the “feel” of writing on paper because of its non-slip panel. Two kinds of stylus tips are included, providing the choice of a pen-like or pencil-like experience.

• 16GB of internal memory (11GB usable) lets users carry and access up to 10,000 PDF documents.

• Auto save – Annotations and hand-written notes are automatically saved to internal memory and easily searchable.

• Print to Digital Paper4 – Convert any open web page or file (e.g., MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Apple Notes/Pages/Numbers) to PDF, and instantly save to Digital Paper.

• On a single charge, lithium ion battery enables use for up to one week with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth turned on, and up to three weeks with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth turned off.

Buy Sony DPT-CP1/B 10” Digital Paper $599.99

Sony's Digital Paper