Bodyfriend Rex-L Plus massage chair

Bodyfriend Rex-L Plus massage chair…OMG yes!

Behold the Rex-L Plus massage chair. Here’s what you need to know: it can go zero gravity, has 12 customized auto massage modes (including athlete, relax, office), heating, hand massage, Bluetooth connectivity, stereo speakers, and looks ridiculously cool.

The company says that it also has “brain massage” that comes in two different modes – concentration and meditation. According to them, “the concentration mode uses centuries-old massage techniques that encourage the brain first to stabilize and then recharge for enhanced cognitive skills. The meditation mode gives priority to stress relief, and then uses massaging techniques that result in deeper levels of relaxation. Both options use healing music with binaural beats to allow users reach a deep state of relaxation and heightened concentration levels. And if healing music is not what helps you de-stress, the Rex-L Plus gives you the option to wirelessly connect your music player and take full control over the sounds you hear during your chair time.”

Buy: $6,000


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