Vuarnet 03: The Dude’s Sunglasses

Created in the 1960s, the Vuarnet 03 model became a sunglass icon when they starred in the film “The Big Lebowski” from the Coen brothers. Yes, these are the ones worn by Jeff Bridges in the movie, as he played the character Jeffrey Lebowski, aka “The Dude.”

Vuarnet 03: The Dude’s Sunglasses from The Big Lebowski
Vuarnet 03, The Dude’s Sunglasses

Bridges is also sporting them as he returns to his Dudeness in the new Stella Artois’ Super Bowl commercial. In the commercial, set to air Sunday, Bridges can be seen wearing his Vuarnet sunglasses along with his jelly shoes and equally iconic cardigan.

The Dude dons his Vuarnet 03 sunglasses in the new Super Bowl commercial.

Stick with The Dude’s classic black (pictured above), or try out other color ways like khaki, brown, and blue frames with various lens colors.

Made in France, these shades were originally inspired by the U.S. Air Force with its straight lines and XL square shape, built with a lightweight nylon frame.

Now go on, man. Get some.